William Wegman Photographs Omhu

Omhu teams with acclaimed photographer William Wegman to produce a photoset championing the happiness of walking a dog.

No one has captured the joy of being around a dog like William Wegman. His portraits of Weimaraners posed as fashion icons have begged its viewer to reconsider both the household pet and the curious fashion statement. Omhu appreciates this ability to reconsider the familiar, and has engaged William Wegman to showcase its cane in action. What more lovely way to impart the joy of mobility than by celebrating simple movements we can learn from dogs? Sit, stay, stand. Better yet, jump, walk, run.

     The health benefits of the presence of a dog are well-documented and the happiness they impart is immediate. It is impossible to ignore a beautiful dog, and we can’t help surface a smile when it begs you to play. The health benefits of using a cane are also well-documented, but until Omhu launched its colorful walking sticks, canes were not considered totems of joy. Like Wegman’s Weimaraners, Omhu canes beg you to walk and play. Omhu Creative Director, Rie Nørregaard, took material inspiration for the Omhu cane from high-performance sports materials like bicycles, skateboards and hockey sticks. It is this playful and artistic approach to the everyday that brings Omhu Canes and William Wegman together.

The Joy of Walking With a Dog. The Benefit of Walking with a Cane.

A recent study followed more than 2,500 older adults, ages 71-82, for 3 years. Those who regularly walked their dogs walked faster and for longer time periods each week than others who didn’t walk regularly. Older dog walkers also had greater mobility inside their homes than others in the study. In this way a dog is much like a beautiful walking stick. It will encourage mobility and motivate you to get outside. Studies are not required to gauge the benefits of using mobility accessories, because they are necessary pieces of equipment for many people. Omhu simply imparts the idea that with great care, these assisted activities can bring joy.

See the full photoset here.

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