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Senior Frontend Developer at Omhu

Did you know that skin issues are among the most common medical conditions?

They account for up to one third of all primary care consultations, and yet health systems today are struggling to maintain the necessary infrastructure to support patients with skin conditions – and the doctors treating them.

This is where we come in.

At Omhu, we want to ensure that patients get the help they need by realising the potential of digital health solutions. From reimagining the patient-doctor interaction, to creating smarter ways to diagnose and manage skin conditions, we have set out to transform skin health and improve access to quality care – but we need your help to do so.

Are you our new colleague?

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer with solid web experience and strong architecture skills to drive our healthtech solutions forward.

Our framework and language of choice is React and Typescript. We typically work with GraphQL APIs using Apollo, and we use Storybook to make it easier to work on components.

We expect you to be able to identify upcoming needs and advance the frontend architecture, setting guidelines for development. You will be working together with the mobile development team to set standards across the board and collaborate with the machine learning team to deploy their work to the web.

We also expect you to help nurture the talent of our junior developers with hands-on mentoring.

As we work in small teams with freedom under responsibility as one of our governing principles, you should be self-reliant and outspoken to ensure that your insights and ideas will help us to effectively and efficiently advance and maintain our products. At the same time, we know questions will arise and reaching out to your peers for advice and sparring when needed is one of the keys to success.

Join us to make a difference - stay for the culture

You’ll be part of a multidisciplinary and diverse workspace of more than 20 different nationalities where designers and developers work closely with doctors and data scientists (just to name a few).

We value a curious and creative mindset. This doesn’t only influence our way of working but has also fostered a strong social community with an array of activities organised by the colleagues themselves, which people can join as they please.

Knowledge-sharing is caring, so we make sure to have guild meetings to explore which practices could be valuable for us to implement, and to delve into interesting topics and discussions. But the fun doesn’t end here. To mingle across the organisation, we have themed Friday bars, “hygge coffees”, and a breakfast and cooking club. Other initiatives include beer tasting field trips, social work-outs such as yoga and running, weekly Counter-Strike, and ping pong.

If you have a hobby or experience you’d like to share with your colleagues, you’re of course more than welcome to introduce it to the mixer.

Other benefits include

  • Pension contribution and premium health insurance.
  • The opportunity to attend conferences and professional training.
  • Flexible working hours and holidays. 5 extra days/year after being 9 months with us.
  • Paid parental leave for moms and dads, so you spend valuable time with your loved ones.
  • Lunch served by our own in-house chef.
  • A variety of snacks and soft drinks available throughout the day when you’re feeling peckish.
  • Whatever device setup you need as productivity base - and you can of course use your phone and laptop privately.


If the position has piqued your interest, please send your CV and motivational letter, and potential GitHub profile or portfolio to jobs@omhu.com with the subject “Senior Frontend Developer at Omhu”.

Deadline is 01. Jun. We’ll invite applicants in on a rolling basis. Please don't hesitate to contact jobs@omhu.com.

Kevin Pelgrims
Frontend lead


Omhu is Danish and means to act attentively, conscientiously, and with precision. Omhu is our standard

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