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Omhu Care

A dermatology clinic in your pocket

Submit your case today and have a dermatologist assess your symptoms within 48 hours.

Omhu Care app screenshot

How it works

Download access to specialist care when you need it most.

  1. Submit your case in the app

    Answer a few questions and upload photos of your symptoms to receive a remote assessment

  2. Expert advice in under 48 hours

    Our certified dermatologists will assess your case and share the result within 48 hours

  3. Get your diagnosis and treatment options

    Receive your diagnosis directly in the app, and find out how to treat your skin problems

Why it works

With a growing shortage of doctors and long waiting times for a dermatologist, many people today don't have access to the care they need to manage their skin condition – we’re here to change that.

We’re building a new healthcare model that leverages digital technologies to improve health services and facilitate access to quality care remotely and timely – we call it Omhu Care.

Experienced dermatologists

Our dermatologists have years of experience in the use of teledermatology and testing digital solutions alongside their work in clinics, hospitals, and universities.

Extensive training for diverse patients

Thousands of smartphone images of all skin tones, types, and conditions have been analysed by our medical team to build the foundation for remote care.

Modern tools for accessible care

Remote care isn’t a compromise. The evolution in smartphone technology has ensured a high agreement rate between virtual and in-person examinations.

Our medical team

At Omhu, we have designers and developers working side by side with dermatologists and researchers to unite science, technology, and dermatology. Meet some of the experts behind the screen who are here to help you get the support you need for your skin.

Dr. Andrei Chiriac

Dr. Andrei Chiriac

Dermatologist & senior medical advisor

Dr. Anette Bygum

Dr. Anette Bygum

Dermatologist & consultant

Ionela Manole

Ionela Manole

Scientific researcher & consultant


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Frequently asked questions

About Omhu Care

What is Omhu Care?

If you experience symptoms such as itching, redness, rashes, or any other skin problem, Omhu Care is your shortcut to a dermatologist.

Omhu Care is a new health app that helps you find out what is going on with your skin and what to do about it by filling out a medical questionnaire and uploading photos of your skin problems in the app.

Our team of certified dermatologists will assess your information and reply with a diagnosis and treatment guide within 48 hours.

Who’s behind Omhu Care?

Omhu Care is built with ‘omhu’ by Omhu.

Omhu is an independent healthtech company established by LEO Innovation Lab to rethink dermatology from a new perspective.

On any given day, you’ll find product designers and developers working side by side with doctors and researchers to unite science, technology, and dermatology - all striving towards a world where everyone with a skin condition has access to a dermatologist when they need it most.

Omhu is a Danish word that means to act attentively, conscientiously and with precision.

Omhu is our standard.

Find out more here

How can the doctors tell what’s wrong without meeting me in person?

It’s part of a dermatologist’s specialist training to be able to recognise skin conditions from images.

Our dermatologists have also spent years testing digital solutions and analysing thousands of images of all skin types, tones, and conditions to be able to provide quality care remotely - so you’re in good hands.

Still, a photo doesn’t reveal everything. That’s why you’ll also fill out a medical questionnaire in the app with more information about your health and medical history.

Is remote care as accurate as an in-person consultation?

Digital health services shouldn’t be a compromise to face-to-face consultations. We want to make sure you receive a high standard of care from certified dermatologists - just in a more accessible package.

The evolution in smartphone technology has ensured a high agreement rate between virtual and in-person examinations - one of the reasons being that dermatology is a very visual specialty, and smartphones can now take high quality photos of what is going on with your skin.

Omhu Care is available for free - what’s the catch?

Research and development is part of our DNA. Since Omhu Care is a new app and a work in progress, we’ve decided to initially make it available for free to be able to help as many people as possible and for your valuable feedback. The more who use our app, the more insights we get into what works, what we should improve, and what features to implement to ensure people get the help they need for their skin problems.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, we'd be more than happy to hear from you. You can reach us at support@omhu.com

Using Omhu Care

How does it work?

Download the free app in App Store or Google Play.

You then request an assessment by answering questions about yourself, your skin problems, and your medical history. You will also take photos of your skin problems through the app.

This information will be available for our team of certified dermatologists who will assess your information.

Within 48 hours, they will reply directly in the app with a diagnosis and guide you on what to do to get treated.

Who can use Omhu Care?

If you’re 18 or above and have a skin problem, that’s a good start.

You also need a Danish phone number.

At the moment, Omhu Care is best suited for first time diagnosis and treatment. If you already have a skin diagnosis and want a second opinion, you’ll be able to share information about your diagnosis and previous treatments as part of the medical questionnaire in the app.

Furthermore, Omhu Care is not suited for emergency care. If you need immediate attention, please call Lægevagten or 112 for the emergency services.

Can I use Omhu Care for my family members?

At this time, you shouldn't use Omhu Care for family members or for others than yourself. 

To receive an assessment, you need to sign up using your CPR-number or yellow health card, and the treatment will become part of your personal medical record. 

Furthermore, parental consent is required to conduct a medical assessment of children, and we don’t have the technical setup to facilitate this in a safe way - yet.

We’re working on a solution to make it possible for parents to consent to and request an assessment for their children; however, we can’t yet say when this feature will be available.

I’ve already been diagnosed with a skin condition. Can I still use Omhu Care?

As it is now, Omhu Care is best suited for first time diagnosis and treatment, but if you want a second opinion you can still use Omhu Care.

As part of the medical questionnaire in the app, you’ll be able to share relevant information about your diagnosis and previous treatments.

Can I edit my information after I submit it for review?

As soon as you’ve submitted your information, you can’t make any changes.

If you’ve pressed ‘send’ by mistake, you can cancel your e-Visit and start a new one.

How do I cancel an assessment?

If you notice that you’ve submitted a wrong answer or if you don’t want to receive a result after all, you can cancel your assessment in the bottom of the e-Visit you’ve submitted in the app.

After that, you won’t receive any further information about your health and treatment options unless you request a new assessment.

I have trouble using the app. Who should I contact?

If you’ve created a profile in Omhu Care and experience problems, please contact us via ‘settings’ in the app. This will provide us with your unique userID so we can look into the cause of the issues. 

If you have any other questions or feedback, you can reach us at support@omhu.com

Please be aware that all communication regarding your medical care has to go through the official treatment flow in Omhu Care. We won’t be able to respond to enquiries that contain any personal health information using e-mail. 

I have an amazing idea for the app - or want to request a new feature! Who should I contact?

We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback to improve the app!

You can send us an e-mail - or even better: book a virtual appointment with us to share your feedback and insights from using Omhu Care. 

You can reach us at support@omhu.com

Your result in Omhu Care

What will my result contain?

You’ll receive a diagnosis and a personal guide on how to get treated. If your condition can be alleviated with an over-the-counter treatment, the dermatologist will let you know what to get at the pharmacy and how to use it.

If your condition requires prescription medicine, you’ll be advised on how to consult with your own doctor to start treatment.

Why couldn't I get a result?

In some cases, our dermatologists might not be able to provide you with a result. There can be several reasons for that.

Most commonly, it’s due to poor image quality. In this case, our doctors will then prompt you to take new photos and guide you on how to improve the quality if for example they were blurry, had issues with lighting, or if they need to be taken closer to or further away from the skin.

Can your doctors make prescriptions?

Our doctors can provide a diagnosis and suggest an over-the-counter treatment plan. If your diagnosis requires prescription medicine, our dermatologists will ask you to consult your own doctor to start treatment for your condition.

Why can’t your doctors make prescriptions?

Don’t worry - it’s coming.

We’re currently building the infrastructure to be able to make prescriptions. To make a long and somewhat technical story short, multiple systems need to be able to communicate for us to do so - for example to ensure that your medication gets registered in the Shared Medicine Card.

Taking photos in Omhu Care

What type of photos do the doctors need to be able to give me a diagnosis?

Our dermatologists require quality photos to be able to make a diagnosis.

In case you’re wondering what we mean by "quality photos", we've made this guide to help you (and our doctors) out:

Take a close-up of your skin problem

As a rule of thumb, keep the camera about the width of a hand away from the affected skin area.

Find good lighting

Take the photo in a room with good lighting conditions (preferably natural or indirect lighting).

Keep your phone parallel to your skin

This is to avoid that the perspective gets distorted.

Find a neutral background

Try to find a neutral, uncluttered background to keep the skin in focus.

Get help for hard to reach places

Sometimes you need a bit of help to scratch the right spot on your back - the same goes for taking photos. Ask family or friends to take the photos if your skin problem is located in a tricky area you can't reach.

What happens if my photos aren’t good enough?

Our dermatologists will send you a request to take new photos. They’ll also let you know what the issue was with your previous photos and how to improve the quality.

Why can I only add one photo per body area?

To ensure quality and efficiency, we only ask for one close-up per body area. In most cases, this is enough for our dermatologists to make a qualified diagnosis. If our doctors require more photos, for example due to lighting issues, they will guide you on how to improve the quality when taking new photos.

We do; however, recommend that you take photos on multiple body areas if your skin problem is located in more than one place since factors such as placement and symmetry can indicate that a certain condition is at play.

Privacy and security

Who will evaluate my information and photos?

We have a team of certified dermatologists who support us with scientific, medical, and clinical expertise.

Meet some of our medical experts here.

Who has access to the information I submit?

Your skin is personal, and your privacy is our priority. Only our doctors have full access to all of your medical information.

In addition, a handful of our tech employees can access a case if there’s a technical issue that requires their assistance.

Lastly, our researchers can securely access images and related medical information for research purposes and to improve Omhu Care. In this case, no other personally identifiable information such as name, phone number, or CPR-number is ever accessible.

Why do you need my CPR-number?

We need your CPR-number as we have to report certain information to The Danish National Patient Register, which is administered by The Danish Health Data Authority. This can be your diagnosis and treatment.

Our doctors will also need your CPR-number to be able to make prescriptions, which is a feature we’re working to implement soon.

Why do you need my phone number?

We need your phone number for verification when you request an assessment and for safety concerns if our doctors deem it necessary for you to receive immediate support.

Will my data be shared with any third parties?

We have to report to The Danish National Patient Register but are otherwise not sharing your data with anyone outside Omhu.

If you want more information about how we handle your data, we recommend that you read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

How is my personal information stored?

We’re using Amazon Web Services to store data securely. We have full ownership and control of the encrypted data. Amazon can’t access or use the data for any purpose.

Your data will always be handled with ‘omhu’ - carefully, securely, and responsibly. Nobody outside Omhu can access your data.

What happens to my information after I’ve received my result?

In accordance with the law, we have to store patient data for a minimum of 10 years.

We also have to report to The Danish National Patient Register but otherwise your information won’t leave Omhu without your consent.

Information that isn’t personally identifiable may be used for research purposes to improve Omhu Care.

Responsible data sharing is caring, and when you use Omhu Care, you also have the option to share your information with us so we can better meet the needs of people with skin conditions when we develop other solutions. Your data will always be handled with ‘omhu’ - carefully, securely, and responsibly. You can always withdraw your consent via Settings in the app.

It might not be the most enticing reading material, but if you want more information on how your data is handled, we recommend that you read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Expert advice in under 48 hours

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