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Technology will transform skin health – from reimagining the patient-doctor interaction, to creating smarter ways to diagnose and manage skin conditions. We exist to create that technology.

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How we’re shaping
the future of skin health.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to dramatically augment the work of dermatologists and open new treatment paradigms for people with skin conditions. But it’s rarely a straight line from idea to execution. Understanding how and where technology can make the most impact is as much our concern as developing the technology itself.

We're a multi-disciplinary team where product designers and developers work side by side with dermatologists and machine learning engineers. Our focus areas include teledermatology and the use of technology to diagnose, manage, and treat skin conditions.

Our work applied


A skin-tracking app that helps people document and understand how their skin condition changes over time by taking photos with their smartphone. More than 210,000 people have downloaded the app since its launch in 2017.

Imagine also facilitates remote monitoring, giving doctors a way to track the development of a patient's condition so they can make more timely interventions.

Available for iOS and Android


A teledermatology solution developed in collaboration with Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark, that can indicate the likelihood of an individual having scabies.

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A decision-support platform that combines teledermatology with artificial intelligence to give general practitioners an informed second opinion when treating skin conditions.

Piloting in Israel


A Danish word that’s notoriously difficult to translate, to act with omhu means to act attentively, conscientiously, and with precision.

Omhu is our standard.